Cosmetic Gynecology emerges as a novel sub-specialty, seamlessly blending plastic surgery with gynecology. Rejuvenation, in this context, pertains to revitalizing and enhancing the youthfulness, well-being, and vitality of individuals.

Intimate Aesthetic Surgery encompasses cosmetic procedures with a pronounced focus on both functional and anatomical repair, specifically targeting the outer vulva and inner vagina. As a gynecological surgeon, it is our duty to address concerns, provide comprehensive knowledge about various treatment options, and empower women with the right to choose the most suitable
non-surgical procedures.

Dr. Bhairavi Joshi, a skilled cosmetic gynecologist in Ahmedabad, stands out for her delicate and artistic proficiency in performing cosmetic surgeries. Introducing Mint The Aesthetic Center, the pioneering gynec cosmetic center spearheaded by Dr. Bhairavi Joshi, a true master in her field – where the essence is to refresh lives.

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